Micro Galleries (Denpasar) presented 45 artists/collectives/initiatives in a functioning, bustling marketplace in the heart of Denpasar. 1,000 micro stalls, 100 rice parcels in vine leaves, 12kg of glue, two lane ways and one pair of sandals for Robby in the market - all whilst being serenaded by the gamelan. We transformed a dark little lane into a free community art gallery. Apart from documenting the event (photo and video) I also had a handful of my street art pieces pasted up.

Micro Galleries reclaims disused & forgotten spaces & reactivates them as tiny galleries that are free & accessible to the local community. Bringing together international & local artists, it features work that challenges ingrained ideas, blurs the line between street art & fine art, and aims to help change the way we see the world, our environment & our community - even for a micro moment.