hello again

Many many years ago I used to write a personal blog on an almost weekly basis.. first to document the time I lived in Australia, then our overland travels back to Europe 2 years later and finally our first few years here in Hong Kong. It made it easy to stay in touch with friends and family, saved mass newsletters and telling everyone the same (mostly banal) details about life at that point. 

I stopped because life got busier and busier, second child, more work, and so on. Also we grew into living on Hong Kong, things didn't seem post worthy enough anymore. Which I always missed because isn't it great to look at your everyday life with fresh and amazed eyes? So this blog will probably be a mix of both. Personal but photography focused. Also, only in English (I have no idea how I had the time to translate every post into english and german!) and very likely a little less personal, since it's not password protected as it used to be. 

So here it goes, our travels, photography related stuff, behind the scenes, outtakes from shoots and so on. I'm not a writer and I struggle with words but since this is my space, I wont re-read and construct, it will be a plain brain dump. So, enjoy!

May 2018